What are the benefits of cardio training?

Cardio-training is the basis of physical activity. Indeed, it works the endurance. The effects on health have been proven for a long time. Are you still hesitating to do cardio sessions? We will give you some good reasons to change your mind.

What are the different cardio exercises?

There are many different types of cardio exercises. Moreover, you can practice them in a gym or outside, discover the unique concept of fitness (for women) in France with attractive rates and book your cardio-training trial session now at Lady Concept gyms. We can mention :
  • walking and running (also on the treadmill)
  • cycling and elliptical
  • rowing and rowing machine
  • etc.
There is something for everyone. However, to benefit from all the health effects of cardio-training, you should train regularly, at least twice a week.

What are the health benefits?

The health benefits of cardio training are obvious. That is why it is advisable for every human being to devote a few sessions a week to do cardio. We can mention :
  • cholesterol reduction: cardio reduces the amount of fat circulating in the blood
  • prevention of cardiovascular risks and hypertension. However, this physical activity should be avoided if you are subject to severe hypertension. But for the majority of exercisers, cardio helps to balance blood pressure
  • regulate blood sugar levels
  • the fight against obesity and overweight: with exercises adapted to your morphology, you will be able to overcome overweight
  • Activation of the heart pump, which then muscles the heart
  • A better oxygenation: with moderate and prolonged efforts, the respiratory volume of the sportsman will increase
  • the fight against type 2 diabetes: the sensitivity of the body to insulin is greater after physical activities
  • the increase of the bone density
  • the improvement of the immune system
  • Reducing the risk of cancer

What are the benefits on the body and the mind?

Cardio training can boost muscle mass. Some exercises can build muscle in the legs, buttocks, abdominal muscles, etc. It is also a very effective solution for keeping your figure and losing weight. With intensive and regular training, you can lose weight quickly. In addition, cardio is also a source of well-being. By practicing this type of sport, you can evacuate stress, reduce anxiety, get rid of tension ... If you have problems sleeping, do cardio. Thus, you will be able to better resist fatigue and have the morale.

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