Presentation of some cardio-training exercises

Cardio-training machines are very varied and can help you keep your figure. They are very practical and effective for regular training. To help you better plan each session, we will give you some cardio exercises.

Treadmill and bike

Cardio equipment can boost your muscles. However, you need the right equipment. The treadmill is the ideal equipment to warm up. You can jog indoors while working your muscles and heart. But it is also possible to use the exercise bike and the stepper both to warm up and to keep in shape. The bike, for example, allows you to build up your thighs, legs, calves, hips, arms and buttocks. For optimal results, don't hesitate to train regularly: 2 to 3 times a week. To build muscle, you can also try the elliptical bike. As time goes by and with regular practice, you can appreciate the results. Its main advantage? It allows you to do a complete workout, because most of the muscles are involved.

Rowing machine, stepper and step

Other exercises can also help you gain muscle in specific areas, such as the rowing machine (to build upper body strength). It can help you maintain your shape. In addition, the level of difficulty can be adjusted. The stepper is a piece of equipment that invites you to simulate the steps of a staircase, i.e. to go up or down. The advantage? The speed and difficulty are adjustable. To build up your legs and buttocks, choose this solution. Finally, the step is a very complete discipline. All the lower and upper limbs are solicited. It is therefore a perfect endurance exercise to burn calories.

Benefits of cardio

Cardio is an exercise that works the heart. Thus, it limits the risk of cardiovascular accident, heart attack, hypertension and weakening of the heart organ. It also improves breath and endurance and maintains the capacity of the heart. It is also an effective program to increase muscle mass, lose weight, improve coordination and burn calories. When done regularly, cardio also helps to strengthen the immune system. Moreover, it helps to fight against type 2 diabetes and obesity. Finally, it is a sport, so it helps to eliminate stress, anxiety, nervousness and depression.

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