Tennis equipment: rackets, clothing, shoes…

To play tennis, it is essential to have a complete and quality equipment. This will guarantee you a better experience and comfort. But it will also help you avoid commonplace accidents. But what do you need? And what to wear?

The tennis racket

Tennis is a game that requires not only good physical condition, but also the right equipment. Obviously, the player must have one or more tennis rackets. The choice is very important, as it is your playing weapon. Whatever the brand, the racket must be adapted to your morphology, whether it is in terms of weight, handle size, head size... For beginners, an aluminum or composite racquet with a large head size will do very well. For intermediate levels, you should look for a racquet with a medium headsize between 630 and 645 cm2 and a weight between 260 and 280g. For professionals, you need a racquet with great precision. Therefore, the head size should be small, about 600 cm2. For the size of the handle, here is a small guide:
  • Size 0: for children
  • Size 1 : for people with small hands (teenagers and women)
  • Size 2: this is the standard size
  • Size 3: for those with large hands
  • Size 4 and 5: this is the largest size
Note: If you find yourself between two sizes, take the larger one! Finally, for the string, choose the gut, because it is more flexible!

Tennis balls

Tennis balls are specific to tennis. Therefore, you can't use other models. To begin with, opt for new mini-tennis balls or any other ball that is slightly deflated. They will offer you a better comfort. Why? Because classic balls are difficult to catch and control.

Clothing and shoes

To be comfortable while playing tennis, it would be better to buy tennis shoes. Why? Because they are more flexible and comfortable. Plus, they will help prevent sprains and other injuries. Do you sweat a lot? Stock up on a pair of comfortable socks! Also, don't forget to bring along accessories to help prevent sweat and sunburn: tennis cuffs, a towel to wipe off during side changes and a cap or visor. Note: The choice of shoes also depends on the terrain: hard ground, clay... For clothing, choose anti-perspirant fabrics that absorb moisture quickly. For the top, prefer loose-fitting clothing such as a tee shirt, tank top, etc. For the bottom, you can wear shorts or jogging pants (or a skirt for women). It should be noted, however, that wearing a sports bra is mandatory for optimal support of your breasts.

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