Tennis: How to progress quickly?

Tennis is a sport that requires a good physical condition. Today, with intensive training programs and qualified partners, it is possible to progress quickly. But what are the tricks to get there? Follow our advice to boost your performance...

How to work on your physique?

To improve your tennis game, you need to work on your physique. Why? Because this sport requires speed, flexibility and power. So, to progress in tennis, you need to have a good physical condition. To do so, you need to practice physical activities such as running, cycling, cross-country skiing, swimming, etc. The duration should vary between 1.5 and 2 hours. Note: Workouts should be fun. Therefore, practice sports that you enjoy. In addition, weight training is also very important. For example, you can start with your abdominal muscles, lower back muscles, stomach muscles and upper body muscles. This is very important to gain performance in tennis.

How to improve your technique?

Regular training is essential to improve your tennis technique. Why? Because by repeating the same movements, the game will become a habit. Moreover, this is not something that can be acquired in two or three sessions: pelvic rotations, ball catching technique, back foot take-off, etc. Also, it is the best way to improve the speed of the arms. On this point, there is nothing to do but practice. Automating the gestures will give you an advantage over your opponent. Finally, at the first training, you can choose a short session. And as your body gets used to the rhythm, increase the intensity and duration. You will be able to last up to 2 hours after a few weeks of regular training.

How to prepare mentally?

Mental preparation is a key factor in making progress in tennis. You should therefore be well motivated to be at the top of your performance. For this, surround yourself with people who have the same passion as you. Your training partners can help you improve your playing style, but also give you a boost to easily reach your goals. Also, to relax, learn to take a deep breath in and out slowly. And don't forget that nutrition plays an essential role in recovery. Finally, don't hesitate to ask a professional to help you organize a suitable program.

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