Main activities available in a recreation area

Recreational facilities are private businesses that operate for profit. Therefore, to access them, an entrance fee is required. The vocation can be both recreational and cultural. But what are the different types of activities available?

Theme or non-themed theme park activities

Theme parks without a theme are very common. They can offer a wide range of activities that can be adapted to all ages:
  • sports activities: soccer, fitness, etc.
  • activities for children: merry-go-round, slide, bouncy castle, etc.
  • exceptional activities: tree climbing, picnic area, etc.
  • water activities: boat rides, canyoning, etc.
  • fairs, shows, Wild West, and various animations
For themed areas, all activities are in line with the theme. For example, Disneyland opens its doors to those who wish to discover the wonderful world of Mickey and his friends. Note: Recreation centers can be indoor or outdoor. If you want to enjoy nature, don't hesitate to play sports in outdoor recreational areas to combine the pleasure of nature and physical effort. And if you want to discover a new concept of sport between girls to do weight training or cardio training, you just have to contact Lady Concept the only gyms with a unique concept in France.

Activities in botanical gardens and zoos

Botanical gardens, zoological parks and nature reserves are also considered to be recreational areas. Visitors will have the privilege to appreciate the beauty of nature, to meet unusual animals (wild or endemic, i.e. not existing in France), etc. Some centers even encourage visitors to engage in unusual activities to make you experience unforgettable moments:
  • animal safari
  • climbing in the mountains
  • trekking and hiking
  • adventure in the forest
  • Tyrolean traverse
  • acrobatic activities (archery, benji-eject, etc.)
  • etc.
Note: Each area has its own specificities. It is therefore advisable to find out about the activities available on site to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Multi-purpose amusement parks

A multi-purpose amusement park brings together a wide variety of activities. They can please everyone since everyone will certainly find something to do. You can go on a safari, go on a tree climbing adventure, take part in various water activities, etc. In short, your program will surely be full! It is the best choice for a family day. Note: You can find spaces that operate on a pay-per-play basis, those that require an admission ticket or membership, etc.

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