Shooting sports: choosing the right rifle

Do you want to learn about shooting sports? Before getting started, it is important to learn about the different principles related to this discipline. The material aspect, especially the type of rifle to train with, is surely one of the most important elements to take into account. The practice of this discipline requires essentially the possession of this weapon. Special attention should be paid to the choice of rifle to ensure a proper shooting experience and convenience once training begins.

The different types of rifles

The rifle is a long-barreled weapon that can be used for sport shooting or hunting. This instrument exists in several models and with a different mode of operation for each. To practice hunting, it is necessary to be equipped with a suitable rifle. A hunting rifle uses weapon calibers to ensure good range and power. A bolt action rifle is suitable for long distance shooting. Then, for hunting, the reference weapons are the semi-automatic rifle and the pump action rifle. The express rifle is also perfect for shooting moving animals in a short distance. There is also the lever action rifle which is more used for shooting moving game. However, this model of rifle requires some flexibility in order to get the most out of its performance. If it's for sport or recreational shooting, the pellet rifle is the right device for both beginners and advanced shooters. This allows them to develop their skills and improve their accuracy. For more information on pellet rifles, click here.

The different models of pellet rifles offered in gun shops

The choice of a rifle model must be made according to the desired use. First of all, there is the piston rifle which is a sport shooting weapon with a really simple cocking mechanism. To fire it, you just have to compress the piston in the cylinder so that the spring can push it. Then, the air rifle is fired with a quantity of compressed air from a marine compressor or a hand pump. The compressed air is contained in a cylinder designed for this purpose, and located on top of the rifle barrel. The main advantage of this type of rifle is that it is silent and vibration-free. Finally, there is the CO2 pellet rifle. This weapon draws its power from the energy produced by the vaporization of CO2 present in the cartridges. The advantage of this CO2 system is that you can shoot in series. On the other hand, its power is limited.

Choosing the caliber of the rifle

The caliber is also a criterion not to be neglected when you choose a rifle model. Different caliber options are available, from 4.5 mm to 7.62 mm, or more. The 4.5 mm caliber is suitable for precision and sport shooting with a range that reaches up to 20 or 30 meters. It provides the pellet cabin with excellent performance with power ranging from 7.5 joules to 23 joules. This caliber is widely used, especially in France, because of its lightness. There is also the 5.5 mm caliber which is rather reserved for air rifles with a power ranging from 30 to 50 joules and for precision shots at a distance of 50 to 100 m. Finally, the 6.35 mm caliber is ideal for precision shooting at a distance of 50 to 70 m, its ballistic curve changes to a parabolic curve from 75 m. This type of caliber is best suited to a 6 joule pellet rifle, providing a stopping power exceeding 5.5 mm. It is best used for hunting at long ranges. The 6.35 mm caliber allows you to shoot with great accuracy and excellent power.

The other modalities to take into account

In addition to the caliber and operating system, the choice of rifle also depends on the scope and the level of safety. The scope will be chosen according to the power of the weapon you are going to use in shooting sports. A 4X32 scope is perfectly adapted to a 10 joule rifle. For a power between 20 and 30 joules, 3-9X40 to 4-12X40 scopes are to be preferred. From 40 joules, lenses of 4-12X40 and more will give you complete satisfaction. Although these weapons can be used for recreational activities, they are not mere gadgets. Normally, a number of rules must be followed when using them. For example, you should avoid pointing the gun at a person. Then, the shooter who carries a pellet rifle should put his finger on the trigger only if the target already appears in the viewfinder.

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