Diet and bodybuilding: what to eat?

When you work out, for optimal results in the shortest possible time, you must adopt a healthy and balanced diet and get enough sleep, at least 8 hours a day. This guide is designed to help you take care of your nutrition.

What are the essentials?

The meals of those who wish to build muscle must contain the following basic foods:
  • Proteins: you can find them in animal products (fish, meat, eggs, dairy products ...), legumes, nuts, grain products and seeds. In any case, give preference to lean proteins
  • Carbohydrates: they provide energy and are divided into 3 categories: high GI carbohydrates (sugar, fried potatoes, etc.), medium GI carbohydrates (bananas, pizza, pastries, etc.) and low GI carbohydrates (apples, pasta, soy, milk, etc.)
  • Lipids or fats: unsaturated fats are to be preferred such as fatty fish, vegetable oils, nuts, etc.
Note: The food in bodybuilding must be of good quality and in sufficient quantity!

How many times a day to eat?

To build muscle, it is essential to eat 5 meals a day on average. Why is this? Because the body needs to be refueled. It should be noted, however, that protein should be taken in large quantities, but should be divided into several quotas during the day. Thus, it would be better to eat every 3 hours. Also, after weight training sessions, it is advisable to take protein bars. And at each meal, you should take a suitable dose of protein, vegetables and fatty acids (olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, almonds, etc.). Note: Listen to your body. If it wants to eat, don't deprive yourself!

Other parameters to consider

First of all, you need to drink enough, at least one liter of water per day. Before, during and after your sessions, take at least one sip. Secondly, you can take food supplements to supplement your diet. They offer two advantages: they do not contain fat and sugar and absorption is fast. On the other hand, the scale will now be your best ally. Weigh yourself regularly, because you should gain an average of 200 kg per week. If not, you must review your diet. Finally, for weight training for beginners, it is advisable to be accompanied by a professional coach to benefit from a personalized training program.  He or she will be able to give you valuable advice to help you reach your goals quickly.

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