How to choose a relaxing music?

Stress is the disease that affects most of the population. It can affect everyone and the symptoms can come in different forms: chronic fatigue, headaches, skin disease ... To remedy it, there are several solutions: sport, getaway, etc. In this article, we will talk about music, one of the best remedies to relieve stress!

What are the benefits of music?

The benefits of music against stress have been proven. Indeed, it can relieve many common ailments. Indeed, its soothing effects are no longer to be proven. Listening to music for example, one feels a deep well being, because it promotes the production of serotonin. Moreover, it is an excellent way to get rid of stress and to relax. But how? By slowing down the heart rate! Nevertheless, it is essential to choose the right rhythm to benefit from its calming effect. Also, it helps to refocus and to find an inner harmony. Finally, music can take you to the four corners of the world. Thus, the body, the mind and the emotions are both harmonized and relaxed after a few dozen minutes.

What are the different types of music for relaxation?

There are many types of music to relax to. They have various names, depending on their style. We distinguish mainly :
  • relaxation music
  • meditation music
  • music for guided meditations
  • music for healing
  • music with mantra
  • music with the sounds of nature
  • classical music (the most classical)
  • shamanic and ethnic music
  • and multidimensional music
To choose the right music, it is essential to take into account two parameters
  • your personal taste: to relax, take into account your musical taste. Do not force yourself to listen to something you do not like
  • the type: be very careful, because some music has the opposite effect and can produce negative effects
  • the rhythm: prefer a slow rhythm
Note: Sad music should be banned!

A little advice!

When you listen to music, let yourself be lulled by the rhythm. And if you want to use music to stimulate you, choose a faster rhythm and increase the volume! Besides music, you can also practice sports to release endorphins, the source of good mood. It is a natural anti-stress and anti-fatigue. Finally, it is important to note that music will not have the same effect on two different individuals.

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