Sport, a matter of pleasure

Sport is not just for professional athletes. Everyone needs to be physically active. But be careful not to overdo it, remember to enjoy yourself first!

The pleasure of doing sport

It’s not always easy to understand why we take pleasure in “suffering” because of sport. Because yes, an intense gym session can hurt. You can feel the aches and pains for a whole week. And yet, this does not stop you, why?

An intensive sports session causes pain, of course, but the benefits it brings to the body and mind mean that we never tire of it.

Strengthening your muscles

Boxing is good for the heart

Cycling keeps depression at bay

Running makes the whole-body work

Sports activities & fitness

Doing sports improves your well-being considerably. There are many different sports activities you can choose from depending on your goals. For example, if you want to improve your muscle strength and have a healthier lifestyle, try fitness. And if you want to keep your figure at home, the jumping rope is your ally.

Sports equipment is essential!

If the practice of certain sports does not necessarily require sophisticated equipment, certain activities do, in order to improve your sports performance. Thus, for sports at home, it is interesting to have at your disposal an exercise bike or a treadmill.

Sports programs & training

For a beginner, it is not always easy to know which program to follow to obtain the desired results on the body. This is why the sports coach in the gym or the sports coach at home develops different sports programs.

Depending on the changes you wish to see in your body, the coach can draw up a slimming program, a diet program, a fitness program or even a body building program after a short interview.

Outdoor sports

Outdoor sports

For sportsmen who want to train and admire nature at the same time

Team sports

Team sports

For athletes who find it more motivating to train in small groups

Water sports

Water sports

For sportsmen and women who are not afraid to get wet in the water.

What type of sport?